OPATRA DermiPores – is a patented device, designed to help with the opening and closing of facial pores. The technology involved, uses a hot and cold vibrating massager. The heat within the device helps to open-up your pores to allow products to penetrate further and deeper into the skin. Whilst the cooling temperature will help to close the pores, it will also ensure that nutrients and vitamins stay within the skin. 

The massage function helps to stimulate blood circulation, and tighten the facial muscles, resulting in firmer, radiant looking skin. 

The massage function pulsates at an incredible 7,000 times per minute, essentially giving your skin a workout, which stimulates blood circulation and tightens your facial muscles. The product heats up to 45°C but is so gentle on your skin that it can even be used on the delicate area around the eyes.


Used on a regular basis as part of your beauty regime, the Opatra DermiPores device leaves skin looking naturally tauter and healthier. 

A small, portable device which can be used anywhere at any time. 


€ 149,00Price
    • Select the setting you require (red light for heating up the skin and opening the pores, blue light for cooling down the skin and closing the pores)
    • Apply the DermiPores device to problem areas and gently massage the skin 


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