About me

Glowing skin is always in


When I was a little girl I was certain that one day I would be a doctor.
It took exactly one trip to the hospital - taking blood, me fainting - and I realized another profession would probably be a better idea. 

I believe many things in life - good and bad - come your way, just because it's 'meant to be'. 
No, I'm not very spiritual, but in the 33 years that I'm alive I've met certain people that for sure were there for a reason.  

It's also how I ended up in the world of organic skincare.
On a 1-year working holiday visa in Australia I got to know the brand 'Origani'.
I started working for them and of course I had the chance to try out their products. 
The products felt amazing, but more important, I felt part of a family working with them.

I never had particularly good, neither bad skin.
Some acne when I was younger, some red spots, and some open pores - but I was always very sensitive to 'new' things.
But then I got to know the products of 'Origani'.....
It was the first ever time that I found an ORGANIC skincare brand that looked so luxurious.
Their products feel good, smell divine and look amazing in your bathroom!
My skin started glowing and my 'lines' are softening.
When you smile most of the time, crows feet (lines around your eyes) come for free ;) 

I'm not the kind of girl that can sit for hours, doing her make-up & her hair.
Actually I'm more of the opposite, you're lucky when you meet me and I've combed my hair ;)
Nonetheless, I started loving organic skincare and I wanted to know more about it.
Before opening The Skincare Bar I visited multiple skincare exhibitions, on the hunt for luxurious, good feeling organic brands. 
I've met great people along the way.

Hardworking men & women, setting up their brands, creating formulas from scratch,
and I decided to only choose those brands that are still in the 'start-up fase'.
Brands that don't spend their money on commercials, but on the ingredients of their products.

Every brand is tested on my own skin first, so I can explain the way it feels and what it can do for you.
I'm always on the look out for new 'started-at-home' brands.

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